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Qantas A380 flights from LHR to MEL briefly stop at the Dubai International Airport Concourse A, Terminal 3 in order to refuel and change crews. The first leg of my A380 journey was brief six hours from LHR to DXB, and then I would continue on for another ten hours from DXB to MEL after a short four our layover in DXB. I am assuming that is where I was basically dazed, confused and half asleep. But I wasn’t so tired that I couldn’t find my way to the Emirates First Class Terminal, located on the top floor of Concourse A. Emirates has constructed their lounges in a unique way at DXB, essentially having a regular promenade with shops and gates for regular passengers on the first level. On the second level, stretching just as long as the promenade, is a massive business class lounge. The top floor, also stretching the entire length of the promenade, is the first class lounge. This means that the lounge essentially stretches as far away as your gate. Naturally, there is a security/customs checkpoint and elevator taking you down from the lounge to the gate allowing first class passengers to wait until the very last minute to board while simultaneously avoiding the crowds. Outrageous!

The lounge itself was gorgeous with massive amounts of space to spare. You can tell Emirates has big plans if they anticipate that much first class traffic coming through their airport. At various points along the length of the lounge there were bars, espresso machines, pastries and sushi stations. However, many were closed due to the late hour of our arrival. I eventually made my way over to the lounge dining area which had both menu and buffet style ordering. I decided to order an omelette because it was breakfast somewhere in the world. The server graciously offered to ask the chef if they could make an exception since it was still dinner time. Surprisingly, the champagne served in the first class dining area was Moet & Chandon Rose Imperial.










After gorging myself at the first class dining section, I decided to have a shower to get some of the airplane recirculated air stickiness off of me. I headed over to what looked like the bathing area with many attendants standing out front. The bathrooms were in immaculate condition and luckily I had all my supplies–around-the-world 2016 was carry-on only. I also took a picture of the children’s area, it looked better in person. Looking at other reviews I must have missed out on the spa and cigar room, but no matter I had a splendid time. If I didn’t know better, I would have thought the lounge smelt of leather-bound books and rich mahogany.





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