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The Park Hyatt Melbourne was probably my least favorite hotel on the entire around-the-world 2016. And not to be a debby-downer, but I was warned by other bloggers and friends in Australia that the property’s facilities are a little worn and aged. But you wouldn’t know that from how well the lobby takes pictures! The staff was quite pleasant and accommodating, despite not having a concierge. I arrived at the hotel later in the evening and wanted to validate that my “Great Ocean Road Adventure” and “Melbourne Hot Air Ballooning Adventure” were reserved. I asked for the concierge and the front desk staffer relayed that there was none. After some initial confusion in not being able to find my activities reservations, all was squared away and I was ready for a shower and sleep. I had secured a really good rate due to Hyatt’s now defunct best rate guarantee and had utilized yet another diamond suite upgrade in order to secure the entry level suite Park Suite King. I was meaning to check out the property’s pool, but ultimately forgot as I was drop dead tired.






My room had a church view which was quite elegant at night. On top of that there was a welcome amenity and a real electric fireplace in the room. For what the room lacked, I was still quite happy with its homeliness. The footprint of the room itself was rather odd with the living room connected to the bedroom via long hallway. The bedroom itself had only a small window near the church facing corner of the room with the drapes mostly covering a barren wall.  I didn’t take a picture of the bathroom, but it was in dire need of a refresh. And while the bathtub and shower was spacious, it had discolorations that made me think twice before stepping in. I dared not try the jacuzzi tub bath for fear of infection–it was that visible.






The diamond breakfast benefit allows for up to four individuals access to the Hyatt Club breakfast or full breakfast in the hotel’s restaurant should no club exist. However, on every day except Sunday the Park Hyatt Melbourne Hyatt Club breakfast occurs with the hotel’s actual restaurant. I know confusing right? By having breakfast in the actual club only one day a week, the hotel appears to have been able to cut down on the labor costs associated with providing the meal in two separate areas while simultaneously preventing diamond members from having the full breakfast benefit. Diamond members are instead given a “continental breakfast,” with the option to upgrade to a “full breakfast” for $8 AUD.  Nothing like nickel-and-diming your brand’s most loyal customers for some eggs and bacon, but still not as cheap as the Park Hyatt New York City–more on that later.

Somewhat offended by the $8 AUD upgrade to the “full breakfast,” I opted for the free continental pursuant to diamond status. I got some croissants, fruit and juice. Sorry no pictures. Just as I began to eat, I noticed something crawling in my fruit. At first I thought it was merely a piece of fruit falling down from another or a stem from a grape vine, but upon closer inspection it appeared to be some kind of caterpillar like worm slithering down my watermelon. Gross, but he/she was probably hungry too? And while the buffet was laid out in a gorgeous manner, there is nothing like bugs in your meal to make you lose your appetite. The manager came over and apologized and said the fruit salad would be taken back to the kitchen and not to worry about the $8 AUD surcharge for full breakfast–he would cover it, but just for THAT day. I think offering full breakfast for the entire stay would have sounded better to a guest who just found bugs in their food.

Regardless, due to the property being past its prime, the nickel-and-diming of diamond members on breakfast, and finding bugs in my fruit I would probably not return to this property. Probably better to use your diamond suite upgrade at the Grand Hyatt Melbourne where at least you know breakfast will be in the Hyatt Club and there aren’t strange complications attached to it.




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