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United Airlines Business Lounge, EWR
United Airlines Business/First, EWR to HNL
Qantas First Class Lounge, LAX
British Airways First Class A380, LAX to LHR
British Airways Champagne Room, LHR
British Airways First Class A380, LHR to JNB
Singapore Airlines Business Class, CPT to SIN
Singapore Airlines Private Room, SIN
Singapore Airlines Suites Class, SIN to HKG
Singapore Airlines First Class Lounge, HKG
Singapore Airlines First Class, HKG to SFO


I had NO idea that the Qantas Business Class lounge is nestled within the actual Qantas Club Lounge at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport. Initially, I entered the Qantas Club thinking it was the end of the road. I presented my boarding pass to the front desk agent who didn’t say much, saw that I was a One World Sapphire and waved me in. Nobody mentioned that there was yet another lounge further inside. Unlike the business class lounge, the Qantas Club lounge had very limited food options, limited to snacks and and other packaged items. The club was rather crowded even at an early hour and after identifying a place to sit I went to look for sustenance, especially after the Park Hyatt Melbourne restaurant manager explicitly told me no complimentary full breakfast tomorrow despite having worms in my fruit.

While I was searching for food, my spider sense went off and I began to suspect I was not in fact in the business class lounge. I looked around and saw men in suits and briefcases entering another set of sliding doors within the lounge. Bingo, I figure I would just waltz on in. WRONG. The Qantas Business Class Lounge agent hollered over at me and requested to see my boarding pass. From the expression on her face, she probably thought I was trying to sneak in the lounge. I calmly walked over and presented my boarding pass, it was scanned and I was welcomed into the lounge.

Overall, the food selection was a step up from the Qantas Club and included hot breakfast selections. The furniture was nicer and even the light fixtures were a tad trendy. And believe it or not they had baristas making patrons fresh espresso-based drinks with actual espresso machines. The coffee stations had extremely long lines, but then again Australia is well-known for its love of quality coffee establishments–which is most certainly why Starbucks failed there.




The below pictures are of the Qantas Club lounge. Based on the amenities, and lack there of, it is quite similar to American Airlines Admirals Club and United Airlines Red Carpet Polaris lounges. Nothing too spectacular to write home about. I would say that lounges are supposed to present a nice, quiet setting for travelers to get work done or quietly meditate. Not this Qantas Club, at 7am it is like Grand Central Station with hundreds of business class travelers going to all sorts of domestic destinations.



Last modified: November 12, 2016