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For the life of me, I’ve never felt like luxury hotels were properly priced. Their exorbitant price tags never seem to match market rates or the great expectations one would have after paying such a price. Then I stayed at the Park Hyatt Sydney. And I loved it so much I reapplied for the same credit card after a twenty-four (24) month cooldown just so I could stay there again utilizing the account opening bonus of two free nights at any Hyatt Property. The property was recently renovated a few years ago and is simply drop. dead. gorgeous. and hands down my favorite hotel in the world across any brand.


The rates at the hotel really speak for themselves. So does the chic, modern lobby with gorgeous opera views. Hotel check-in at most Park Hyatts is not at the front desk, but in the room. Upon arrival, the front desk manager happily notified me that I had been upgraded to a Deluxe Opera Room and escorted me upstairs. I had written beforehand requesting a larger space due to having to bring work with me as a result of such a long trip in addition to the diamond benefit of an upgrade to the best room at the property under an entry level suite. Sufficed to say I was not disappointed. Also, I was notified that normally the diamond breakfast benefit would be downstairs in the hotel’s restaurant but that room service would be substituted because of my early checkout. This meant the price for my stay was $0–the room was paid for on points and the room service breakfast comped via diamond breakfast benefit. #winning #thewaylifeshouldbe #jadore







There aren’t many suites at this property which is likely why diamond suite upgrades are ineligible for use. The Deluxe Opera room was gigantic, basically a junior suite in everything but name and with a view to die for. After taking a brief look at the room, it was enough to make me not want to leave hotel at all. The pictures really do speak for themselves, and do a much better job promoting the hotel and depicting my stay than my ranting and raving via type. The staff wasn’t nearly as friendly and engaging as the first time I stayed here in 2013, but they were nice enough. As a platinum member in 2013, I remember the staff knowing me by name and greeting me pretty much everywhere I went. I remember one instance when I asked the concierge where I could wash my dirty around-the-world 2013 clothes without paying hotel prices and without hesitation he recommended a laundrymat just a block away. The staff this time around, as a diamond member in 2016, was a lot more quiet and noticeably less engaging, but perhaps it was just an off day.















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Review: Park Hyatt Sydney Opera Deluxe Room

  1. Pizzaman says:

    Thanks for the link to my PH post. Glad you had an enjoyable stay again. I love that property (and that city)!

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