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The Andaz Wailea is a category six (6) Hyatt property and my stay there was simply amazing. So amazing in fact that it will probably take me a few days to write this review, but not to say there wasn’t an occasional hiccup. The weather was gorgeous and the staff was friendly. Even the couple sitting next to me at the beach remarked “isn’t this unbelievable weather?” Much has been written about the Andaz Wailea herehere and here, but I am happy to report I have only positive feedback about my recent experience. As a Diamond member I had no trouble utilizing my diamond suite upgrade (DSU), the breakfast benefit was not bifurcated between continental and hot, and my room was in great shape! Furthermore the staff went above and beyond to help me celebrate my birthday as I complete my around-the-world 2017 trip with sparkling wine and even a customized travel journal!

The trip to the Andaz Wailea isn’t far from the Airport, probably a twenty-five minute drive. Check-in here does not occur at the “front desk” but rather anywhere in the lobby. Two friendly Hyatt staff members greeted me and offered lavender lemonade–I immediately felt like I was home! I was notified that my requests had been noted, and that the possibility of upgrading from a “partial ocean” to a “full ocean” view suite would require a move but the hotel was still unsure of availability. I mentioned I was happy to pay the rate difference for the upgrade and left my cell-phone number with the staff to let me know as soon as they knew.

As you can see, the view from the lobby was gorgeous–definitely something to write home about. As someone originally from Hawaii, even I was impressed at the natural beauty of Wailea. I had originally used a diamond suite upgrade (DSU) for a “pool-side suite” upgrade, the lowest tier and the most limited (picture posted below, showing at most 2-3?). Its a great way to distinguish the suite with no view from others, and limit the amount of suite upgrades that are utilized on the property. Originally, DSUs cleared into full ocean view Andaz suites, but that was quickly put to an end. However, due to a reservation error I had to be placed into a “partial ocean-view suite.” And by the term “partial” ocean-view is used very generously.

The pool-side suites appear nice enough, although there are so few. It’s a novel idea to be able to just open your door and take a dip, but most people come to Hawaii for the view? They are located right next to the adults only pool, which was sadly louder than the regular pool at times.

I was initially placed into a partial ocean-view suite. The partial-ocean view Andaz suite was just that, partial. But I would have been happy to stay there as the beach was SO very close and easy to get to.  The room itself was gorgeous with amazing lighting for photos. However, because the suite was on the second floor next to the pool there was not much privacy. In fact, after I departed that suite I never saw it occupied leaving me to believe it wasn’t in rotation or is purposely kept empty for overflow. The front desk had assured me they would call back within an hour and a half about the potential full ocean suite upgrade. The hour and a half came and went with no call, but hey, at least my happy birthday amenity arrived! I decided to go to the beach as it was just a mere 100 yards and a flight of stairs away from my front door. Later that afternoon, an amazing manager Andrea called to let me know I had not been forgotten and that an upgrade was available for the fare difference in room types. I happily accepted!

I forgot to mention the Toto toilet with a heated toilet seat.

The beach service (umbrellas & towels) was very convenient and the triple deck infinity pool is simply to die for. Need I say more?

One of the most amazing aspects of this trip was a personalized travel journal delivered by the Front Desk Manager Andrea waiting in my full ocean suite upgrade along with a welcome amenity. Probably the nicest touch I’ve ever experienced at a hotel.

The full Andaz suite I moved into was much more private and much higher in the same building but facing away from the infinity pools. The view was gorgeous and you could hear the running water from the adult tranquility pool below. The suite had two balconies for the two rooms that made up the suite. The ocean and gorgeous scenery was visible from both rooms and one of the balconies even had a swing-ish seat.



I had dinner at the Iron Chief Morimoto’s restaurant the first night at my hotel. It was delightful, and if you sit on the lanai you can eat under the stars if the weather is clear enough and they retract the tarped roof. The food was excellent and the staff was friendly–oh and the check was pricy 🙁

The Hyatt diamond benefit for full breakfast is obtained at the Ka`ana Kitchen restaurant located on the 5th floor of the hotel down a giant staircase. The breakfast benefit has morphed over time at this property, first allowing the full buffet and ordering off the menu, then restricting the benefit to one hot item off the menu and the continental breakfast section only. Most likely due to negative feedback, the breakfast benefit changed back to include the full buffet. I wasn’t able to test whether ordering off the menu was still included in the buffet. The cost per person seemed to be around $50 dollars with 18% gratuity included on top of that. Luckily due to the diamond benefit it never made its way to my bill.

The buffet itself was immense and even included all variations of freshly squeezed juices at the juice bar. One hiccup is that the restaurant gets slammed around 9-10am and waits for a table can reach 20-25 minutes. One morning the restaurant got so crowded that my reservation was given away to a couple who answered when my last name was called. Luckily they didn’t run off with my free diamond breakfast, hah!

For those traveling off the beaten path, these awesome hammock/swing/cushion things were just to the right of the valet parking in a large grassy area and easy to miss. Overall I was really impressed by this stay, and I’m usually pretty skeptical of domestic vacations. I arrived back at work much darker and a great deal refreshed. Going on vacation and not being jet-lagged is something I value more and more as I get older. I’ll be on the lookout for an opportunity to return to this property again in the near future.

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